2017 Club Rules


  • Pre/Pratice fishing rule, the scheduled lake to be fished will be off limits the week prior to the tournament date, Monday-Friday.
  • All GA game laws apply
  • All lake rules will apply
  • Boats will be powered by electric only sources. NO GAS allowed at any lake, even if lake permits.
  • 5 fish limit all year
  • No team may remove their boat from the water BEFORE the days catch is weighed by a tournament official. Result will be forfeiture of that days catch.
  • No trolling allowed
  • 12" minimum length limit
  • All fish will be measured with the mouth closed and the tail pinched.
  • Short fish will carry a penalty of 10pts deducted from that days point total. Courtesy measures are welcome and encouraged.
  • Dead fish penalty is minus .25lb for each dead fish
  • All tournaments will be 8 hours from blast off time
  • No stringers
  • No alcohol
  • Artificial baits only
  • 100ft courtesy space must be maintained between boats, unless the boats are in agreement.
  • All fish will be weighed on the same set of scales
  • All lake and parking fees will be the anglers responsibility
  • If no fish are caught or inclement weather forces a no contest the days monies will carry over to the next lake. 
  • If inclement weather arises after anglers have shown up and are ready to fish, a majority vote will determine.The entry points will count for every team that is present when the decision is made.
  • Teams must determine a captain and partner. Subs can be used as long as either the original captain or partner is present.
  • All live wells and coolers will be checked before your boat enters the water.
  • No boats will be accepted late unless you track down the presidents boat and one other competing boats for a live well and cooler check.
  • Tourney money collection  will stop  15 min before blast off. We will not hunt you down to collect money, you find us.
  • There are no tie breakers for regular tournaments. Money will be split as needed. 
  • If a tie occurs for the end of the year points, total weight will break tie.
  • All participants must sign a copy of the rules.
  • All rules and disputes will be finalized by the president and or vice president.
  • All anglers are responsible for carrying proper liability insurance, if desired. Dixie Jon Boat Anglers will in no way be held responsible for actions resulting in damage or injury while an angler is in route or participating in one of our events.
  • Late to weigh in penalty- 1lb for every min you are late, after 5min of being late automatic DQ
  • Competitors who are not at the official checkpoint area at the appointed time shall be penalized 1 pound per minute up to 5 minutes at which point the entire days catch will be disqualified. This rule will also apply to big fish weight. There shall be no excuses for tardiness. All fishing must cease upon check-in. After the tournament begins, fishing the tournament waters is prohibited except during tournament hours. Exact starting and check-in time will be announced at the Tournament Briefing. 
  • If the captain and original partner can not make it to a tourney, that days fee can be paid and the team will receive the 50 entry points. It will be like you showed up and fished but zeroed. We must receive the money before the lake is fished.
  • Substitutions- Subs can fill in as long as the original captain/partner is present. Subs can only be used for the fish off if the sub has fish at least 4 tourneys with an original member.  One sub may be used to fish as many times as needed, but any sub after that will be responsible for a membership fee.
  • If you have failed a polygraph test associated with any fishing tournament or have been barred from any fishing tournament trail you are ineligible to fish this tournament trail.
  • All members are responsible for knowing these rules

Elite Program

  • Membership fee extra $20 per person on top of the standard membership fee of $35 in total $55 per person. Both members of the team must pay to be eligible
  • Must fish all events
  • You win you are in



Wild Card Spot

 How it will work the last tournament of the season we will draw the date of one of our previous  tournaments and who ever had the best finish not in the top 8 will be the wild card winner. We will do our best to make that notification at that tournament if not then through FB or the website to ensure that the team has fulfilled the requirements.


Wild Card Rules

  • Team must fish all tournaments to be eligible 
  • Sub rule still applies 

No membership Fee

  • High School students
  • First year out of High School
  • Military