Entry points = 50pts

If the captain and original partner can not make it to a tourney, that days fee can be paid and the team will receive the 50 entry points. It will be like you showed up and fished but zeroed. We must receive the money before the lake is fished. 


Big Fish points

  • 6lb and less 10 points
  •  7lb 12 points
  • 8lb 14 points
  • 9lb 16 points
  • 10lb and larger 18 points

Gross points = Entry Points +( if you got big fish)

Winners factor - Winning weight for days tournament will get 100pts. Every place under 1st will take their actual weight and divide it into the winning weight then multiply by 100. Ex: Winning weight is 10.00lbs. Your weight is 8.00lbs. 8.00 divided into 10.00lbs gives you .8000. Multiply .8000 by 100 and it gives you 80, that will be your winners factor points.

Gross points + Winners factor = Total Points for Tournament Day.

Bonus points - 50pts will be awarded to each team that competes in every tounament on the schedule at the end of the regular season. This will be a (1) 50pt bonus. So attendance is rewarded.


There is an annual $35 membership fee If you sign up for the Elite program it is $55 for each person that fishes any lake.

There is a $80 tourney fee per boat to fish in any tournament.

Regular Season Tournaments

The $80 tournament fee will be paid out as follows:

5% of each tourney pot goes to fish off pot

$  will be put into the pot for that days tournament.

$10 will be put up for that days big fish pot.

All monies will be rounded to the nearest $5 dollar.

10 boats or less will pay out as follows:  1st - 65%

                                                              2nd - 35%

11 or more people will pay out as follows:

                                                               1st - 50%

                                                              2nd - 30%

                                                              3rd - 20%

Points Payout

The $35 membership fee will be split into 2 parts. $30 will go to the Fish Off pot. And the remaining $5 will be awarded to the team that has the highest accumulative points at the end of the regular season

Points Winner will max out at $500

Top 8 Fish Off

At the end of the regular season the top 8 teams in points will qualify for the Fish Off.

The lake to be fished for the Fish Off will be voted on by the top 8 teams. It will be a pull out of the hat vote, each team will write on a piece of paper which month and lake they want to fish and drop it in a hat and the lake will be drawn.

Fish Off Payout. Payouts will be as follows minus operating costs.

The pay out will be as followed 50%30%20%.